Nu House Studios seeks to provide queer musicians, musicians of color, and other marginalized and underrepresented musicians a safe and comfortable space for high-quality recordings. We believe music makes a difference, driving social change and giving hope to those who need it most.

Professional-grade recording is often necessary for your voice to be heard in the music industry, and access to this requires either significant capital, or buy-in from a major label. Furthermore, running and maintaining a studio is costly, and no matter how we set our prices, a large percentage of people will not have the disposable income needed to spend on production costs.

The Trans Musician Fund allows those with the means to help pay for artists who otherwise could not afford to work with us. We hope to break the cycle of industry gatekeeping at the hands of predominantly white, cishet men, and provide a musical voice to those who are often not allowed one.

If you are a trans artist who wishes to work with Nu House Studios and needs financial support to do so, please mention the Trans Musician Fund when you contact us about working together! While we don't require any special application, we would be interested in hearing your music - we love to support artists whose music promotes revolutionary social and political change.

The amount we are able to contribute is based on the current availability and need from other artists. As the TMF is a crowdfunded initiative, we cannot guarantee any specific value.

You can support the Trans Musician Fund by donating on our Ko-Fi or purchasing merch on our Bandcamp, where 100% of profits go directly to the fund.