Nu House Studios was officially founded in Nu England during the summer of 2019 - but we've been working together for much, much longer.

Aki and I met back in 2008 at our local summer music camp. We almost immediately struck up a tight friendship forged in a shared love of extreme music - her a bit more than me, but I was quickly converted.​

The two of us have shared the stage in many bands, created a metric ton of music, and learned an incredible amount about each other and ourselves, all while growing a robust shared knowledge of music production & composition.

Since then, our humble beginnings in an unfinished basement have evolved into a full-fledged studio, complete with live & production rooms, piles of gear, and a rapidly expanding discography of incredible artists that have trusted us with their labors of love.

This website was designed by James Goldmann. Special thanks to Nat, Kitty, Kerishma, Jared & Sheri for their artistic and photographic contributions.

We exist to lift the voices of our most marginalized communities with high quality, accessible audio production and education, to inspire action against inequality and injustice through enduring communal partnership.